Keep Empowering YourSelf, Inc. (K.E.YS.) is an immersion-style curriculum and Child Support Enforcement diversion program (pilot) designed to guide young and/or single parents to family sufficiency and sustainability while simultaneously decreasing

Child Support Enforcement cases and social welfare dependency.

From Entrepreneurship & Employment Readiness to Interdependent co-parenting, Keep Empowering YourSelf, works with young people to make sustainable choices in academics, in employment, in health and–most importantly for a young mom or dad–parenting.

In addition to a robust curriculum, K.E.YS. offers a life skills community–a diverse array of professionals, mentors, educators, advocates and partners who have great expectations for future .K.E.YS.’ participants.

Keep Empowering YourSelf is funded by J. Nicole Signature Teeny Pies, a product of J. Nicole Signature, LLC ==because it’s just the way my mind works.

To find out more about Keep Empowering YourSelf contact:

Number Pies Sold



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